The API.

Do anything you can on the site, without the site.

The Crate API uses basic authentication. We aim to make the API as comprehensible as using the website is. The API is for developers, but first and foremost for our users. Please develop with that in mind. Keep in mind that all responses are in JSON and your username must be lowercase.



GET users/authenticate.json

Test that credentials are working.


POST files/upload.json

Takes file and crate_id as parameters. The file parameter contains the file data.

On the command line: curl -F file=@filename.txt -F crate_id=123

GET files/list.json

List all files, organized by crate.

GET files/show/12345.json

List the file with id 12345.

POST files/destroy/12345.json

Permanently destroy the file with id 12345.


POST crates/add.json

Creates a new crate. name is the only parameter.

GET crates/list.json

List all crates.

POST crates/rename/12345.json

Rename the crate with id 12345 to the value specified by name.

POST crates/destroy/12345.json

Permanently destroy the crate with 12345 and permanently destroy all files inside of it.