Premium Features.

Free for your first 30 days & cancel whenever you want.

  • Basic.

    The price of a sandwich.

    • 2 GB file size limit1
    • 256-bit SSL encryption
    • Short URLs with
    $10 / year + storage and transfer
  • Plus.

    Ridiculously big files.

    • 500 GB file size limit1
    • 256-bit SSL encryption
    • Short URLs with
    • Password protection
    $20 / year + storage and transfer
  • Pro.

    Even more cool stuff.

    • 5 TB file size limit1
    • 256-bit SSL encryption
    • Short URLs with
    • Password protection
    • Direct upload-to-email2
    $50 / year + storage and transfer

Hold on, where's the free plan?

We understand that you might want to try us out before giving us any money. That's why the first month is free.

We think free plans are a great way to get a lot of users, but not a great way to sustain a business. We're here for the long haul and have no intention of disappearing due to lack of monetization strategy.

Not to mention, we're a fantastic value. You can use us for an entire year for the same amount you'd spend on a couple cups of coffee.

Why don't your plans include storage?

Services that bundle storage with flat-rate plans make most of their money from the people who use them least, and lose the most money from the people who use them most. This gives them a monetary incentive to prevent people from using their service. This is a bad thing.

What about security and data protection?

Your actions on the site and all files you share are secured over SSL with 256-bit AES encryption.

What are monthly storage & transfer costs?

The bigger the plan, the bigger the discount. The table below explains what you'll pay per month with each plan.

50¢ per GB
30¢ per GB
20¢ per GB

Can I set usage caps for my monthly costs?

By default, your maximum monthly bill will be $10. After creating an account, you'll be able to change this in your settings. We'll send you an email if you're getting close.

Is there a minimum bill?

Yep. You will not be charged until your invoice reaches $5.

Can I cancel?

Whenever you want. There are absolutely no hidden fees or penalties.

1 Yes, we're dead serious. Only attempt if you have a lot of patience or a high-bandwidth connection (e.g. >500 Mbps)

2 Sometimes you just want to upload a file and send the link to your friend or coworker via email. Our upload-to-email feature eliminates the hassle of copying-and-pasting a link, opening up your email client, following up to see if the file has been downloaded, etc. We take care of it all. Just type an email address, upload your file, sit back, and watch your file get delivered.